Poppy Watercolor to Mixed Media piece

I had done a series of 3 Poppy paintings to try different techniques and approaches around the same singular flower.  I wasn't as pleased with this one so decided to take it out of the frame and have fun with mixed media.

I gathered some papers, ribbons and other ideas from supplies at Michael's and started playing with the negative spaces. I traced the outline of the watercolor paper and the poppy on a piece of acetate and then used tape to place the papers on the acetate. This made it easy to move things around.

The next step was to resize the papers and expose some of the background that I liked. Later that would be helpful in linking them together.

I like the composition so far (minus the pieces of masking tape) and the soft and hard edges. The orange leaf on the green paper gives me an idea for a glaze of watercolor to connect that paper to the top right corner. Now I will start adding glazes to the papers.

Bonnie Rabert